Body Therapy of Virginia Beach
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Body Therapy
Therapeutic Massage:             Add-Ons:
One hour $65                         Aromatherapy $15
Hour and a half $90                Heat Packs $15

Hot Stone Massage:
 One Hour $95
Hour and a Half $125


Pampering Package: This package offers complete relaxation with Heat Packs, Full-Body Aromatherapy Massage, Medi-Facial, Paraffin Wax Hands and Feet.
2 hours. $215.

Platinum Pampering Package: Treatment begins with Heat Packs, Full-Body Massage, followed by Aromatherapy Body Scrub, Seaweed Body Wrap, finished with a Luxurious Hydrating
Medi-Facial with Lip and Eye Treatment.
3 hours.  $350.

Detox Package: Detox Foot Bath, followed by Abdominal Castor Oil Pack with Reflexology and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. 1.5 hours. $120.

Platinum Detox Package: Detox Foot Bath, Castor Oil Pack with Reflexology and MLD plus Paraffin Hands and Feet, Full Body Massage and Detoxifying
  3 hours. $325.

Front and Back: Back Facial with Massage, Complete 
Medi-Facial. 2 hours. $170

Body Treatments:

Sugar Body Scrub - 30 min. $50.

Seaweed Body Wrap - 50 min. $85.

Detox Foot Bath - 30 min. $45.

Castor Oil Pack - 30 min. $45.
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